Financial Consulting Ltd.

„ We love development. ”

  • projektfinanszírozás

    Project management professionally

  • projektmenedzsment

    Project structure planning

  • ingatlanfinanszírozás

    Financial modeling

  • pénzügyi modell

    Compilation of project documentation

  • megvalósíthatósági tanulmány

    Financing tendering

  • üzleti modell

    The most advantageous negotiation of financing agreements


About us

Project financing with a professional team

Focus on your project idea, we arrange financing for that!

With 17 years of banking experience, mainly in the field of project financing, not only in the domestic but also in the international environment, we have learned that your business can be medium or large, but the implementation of a development / investment project requires coordinated teamwork. If your company is:

  • planning to acquisition of a target company,
  • buy / build a cash-generating property (office, logistics building, hotel), or even
  • gain a wider market presence by implementing other infrastructure or
  • energy investments,

our well-established financial and legal team will help you cost-effectively from idea to funding to make your idea a success.

We are a company independent of all financial institutions, and we only represent the interests of our clients when tendering for funding!


What we can help you with


Project structure

If the asset to be purchased or the investment to be implemented has been selected, we plan the structure of the project (actors, cash flows, contracts).


Financial model

Based on the information received from you, we will prepare the financial model of the project in parallel with the planning of the structure. We refine the structure and the model - or even the basic idea itself - until it not only reflects feasibility for us, but can be financed by any bank.


Project documentation

We compile project documentation for tendering banks and preparing bank decisions. We do not multiply the word or our hourly rate, only as much as the complexity of the project justifies.


Technical feasibility study

If necessary, we participate in the tendering and preparation of the technical feasibility study and / or property valuation.


Discussions with banks

In consultation with our client at every step, we represent their interests in bank negotiations both in the tender phase and in the contract negotiation phase.


Financing agreement

Following a positive funding decision, we will help you negotiate the funding agreement in the most advantageous way with our legal colleagues who also have extensive project finance experience.

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    Cooperating partners

    Our expanding team almost without exception includes partners with whom we have already successfully funded several outstanding projects. Our speed lies in our coordination. We work with them without claiming completeness:

    Dr. Marianna Nagy
    Dr. Pribélyi Law Office
    Dr. Gabriella Tomori
    Tomori Law Office



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